Weeds and Butterflies


A friend recently laughed at my end of summer blues (which really aren’t too bad this year), saying, ” you know, most people who have their summers off go through the same process, a sort of mourning for the freedom they’re about to lose. They don’t seem to remember what a treat it is to have all that time off!”

Well, she wasn’t chiding me, really; just reminding me that in the world of people who go to work, those of us who do have our summers free are pretty darn lucky. Nevertheless, the daydream of a different structure to my days becomes more and more insistent…

There’s a studio available at a local arts center. What would it be like to go there to work each day, surrounded by artists of all kinds doing their thing in their studios? I mulled it over as I walked with Heidi this morning, mentally spending a day in my own away-from-home studio, and by the time we returned, I was thinking that anything is possible. It’s just a matter of dumping out one’s life-puzzle on the table and figuring out another way to put it together. But for once, I didn’t feel that clawing sense of urgency… I have to figure this out now…” When the time is right, opportunity and action will coincide.


In the meantime, I’ve been pretty busy puttering around in my little home studio. In addition working on some paintings, I transformed an old wooden cigar box my friend kj gave me a while ago, and returned it to her yesterday as a birthday gift! She and jb hosted a delightful art fair in their yard, followed by a party in the afternoon that is probably still going on as I write. Jol and I drove north to spend a few hours with them, and there I had the pleasure of meeting Ces, who had flown in from far way to celebrate kj’s birthday. We had such a good time… lots of family and friends and actvity… and a gorgeous day as well.


And today… fresh bread from the bakery, fresh fruit and vegetables from the farm down the street, and a bath for stinky Heidi!


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