Already August


Okay – so it looks like I might just be posting here every few months, but that’s okay.  Life is an ebb and flow experience, and I have learned that I need to ebb and flow along with it.   I’ve really come to understand my need to focus my energy in one direction at a time.  Once I start to divide myself, nothing happens.

So, what have I been doing?  Mostly SoulCollage® – making cards, holding workshops in my studio, putting together new workshops for the fall.  Below is a sample I made for my October 23 workshop, Beyond Persona: Creating an Intuitive Soul Portrait.  




All the workshop information is here , and if you happen to live in the vicinity of NW CT, please consider taking a workshop in my pretty little studio in the woods.




Other than that, I’ve been walking my dog, working out, taking some day trips, reading books and making a little art here and there.  I do feel that my tide is turning again though, pulling me towards my paints and wood panels…  so we shall see!


In the meantime, enjoy a morning walk with me and Heidi…
















See you around!

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