Navigating September

journal page – 9/7/07

Autumn approachs with a momentum that is full of saturated beauty… trees relinquishing their green to shades of amber and crimson and vermillion before sending it all down into sere brown piles along the roads and on the forest floor. It’s truly a long and grand goodbye…one that gives us enough joy to wait through the winter for the return of green.


We sit late, watching the dark slowly unfold:
No clock counts this.
When kisses are repeated and the arms hold
There is no telling where time is.

It is midsummer: the leaves hang big and still:
Behind the eye a star,
Under the silk of the wrist a sea, tell
Time is nowhere.

We stand; leaves have not timed the summer.
No clock now needs
Tell we have only what we remember:
Minutes uproaring with our heads

Like an unfortunate King’s and his Queen’s
When the senseless mob rules;
And quietly the trees casting their crowns
Into the pools.

Ted Hughes (1930 – 1998)


Until we meet again…

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