journal page – 8/26/07

I look up and see the leaves changing; I look down and along the sides of the road are piles of dry leaves that have already begun to fall. And this morning, the alarm sounded at 4:45, officially sending me back to my academic routine. I wonder where I will carve out the time to paint and write and visit. I’ve never been one to make resolutions, preferring instead to formulate strategies. We’ll see…

Fall Reverie

If I seem to run in
circles, forgive me,
I am used to chasing
my own tail until the giddiness
of spinning cools me down.
Then breathless,
I may take a moment or two
to settle and see the multicolored
glory of fall,
gold-fanned leaves
pressed flat and sodden
after a day of rain,
a season at its peak of beauty
full but fragile
so you know from experience,
bound to disappear.

– Bhikshuni Weisbrot

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