Who I am…

I am a photographer and a painter.  I live in Northwest Connecticut with my husband, our dog and two cats, along with the many creatures that reside in the surrounding woods.

A few years ago, I put my brushes away and turned to creating with my camera as a way make pictures that connect the space between the images in my mind and the always-changing story of the world around me.  Through the lens, I want to explore the relationship between people and nature, imagination and reality.  I’m learning all the time.

What I see…

Nature, all shades green and blue and then the bright and soft colors that spill across the landscape and the shapes of clouds in the sky and the things that roam and fly and land and hide, the silence and noise of a day, of a moment, of a feeling.

People, the mystery of a face and the thoughts that rush along beneath its expression, the tilt of a head, the truth in one’s eyes, the smile or the scowl, the tall or the short, the old or the young, a stranger or a friend, the beauty and spirit in each and every one of us.

Things, structures created for shelter or use or vanity, the homes and farms and the sheds, the abandoned places that echo with long-gone lives, the peeling paint and patina of time, the roads and bridges and cars and trucks, the gravestones and monuments covered with lichen, growth and decay.

What I know…

In the end, it’s all about our perceptions… what I see, what I capture, what you see.

The real voyage os discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes. – Marcel Proust

What I do…

I take pictures for myself, and will happily take pictures for you.

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