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Introduction to SoulCollage® Day Retreat

Dive-in2 Give yourself the gift of a few hours dedicated to nurturing the many facets of your being in a fun and dynamic one-day workshop to explore the intuitive soul-tending practice of SoulCollage®.

Learn about the four suits of the SoulCollage deck and how to create your own unique deck of cards that tell your personal story. Using journaling, meditation and visualization exercises, you will be guided to find meaningful images, create cards and practice interpreting and reading them in a small group setting.

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in self discovery and self expression in a creative, non-competitive environment – for both new and experienced SoulCollagers. You do not need to be an artist to create SoulCollage® cards; simply come with curiosity and a desire to tend your soul-garden. Expect to end the day with a renewed feeling of joyful growth as well as a few beautiful cards for your SoulCollage deck!

Cost: $60. Includes all supplies and beverages. Please bring a journal or notebook and a lunch.

SoulCollage® Discovery Circle

Enjoy a few hours of exploring and sharing the SoulCollage® process in a welcoming, sacred space. Together we will nurture self-discovery and creative soul tending as we gather images, make cards and do readings in a small group setting.Select your images from among the abundance I have available, or bring your own to use and share with the group. It’s a beautiful way to make a connection with yourself and with others.The SoulCollage® Discovery Circle is for anyone who is interested in self discovery and self expression in a creative, supportive and safe environment – for both new and experienced SoulCollagers. Basic supplies are available for your use. Join us and share the beauty of your soul!

Cost: $25. Includes all supplies and beverages.

Beyond Persona: Creating an Intuitive Soul Portrait

Ck-soulportrait-smWho am I behind the face I show the world? This question will be your starting point as you set forth on a creative journey of self-discovery, connecting with your innermost essence by intuitively creating a mixed media self-portrait. Starting with the persona depicted in your own photo, you will discover the sheer joy of intuitive expression as you play with paint, paper, ephemera, found objects and other media to explore your inner and outer self simultaneously.

Although the primary focus of this workshop is expressive creativity, you will learn a variety of mixed media techniques – image transfer, drawing, painting, collage, stamping, texturing and adding objects – that will allow you to create a beautiful artwork that reflects your inner vision.

Using an image of your face as the foundation of your Soul Portrait, you will be encouraged to silence the inner critic and let your intuition guide you as you bring your creation into being with a multitude of mixed media techniques and layers of collage.

No drawing or painting skills are required. At the end of the day, you will come away with a blissful feeling of self discovery and expression as well as a beautiful Soul Portrait!

Cost: $75. Includes all supplies and beverages. Please bring a journal or notebook and a lunch.

Creating your SoulVision – SoulCollage® Workshop

We have all heard the adage, “seeing is believing.”  Although it often refers to the idea that people want proof of some incredible phenomenon, it is also an important principle of visualization and manifestation. 

What we see and believe we can be and do, we will work toward being and doing.  Starting with creative thought about values and goals, we generate energy.  When we actually turn that energy into something visual, we create even stronger energy that pulls us in that direction.

The Creating Your SoulVision workshop will give you an opportunity to explore yourself in a very deep and meaningful way, using both written and visual tools to focus your personal journey and goals. 

You will start the day with guided visualization, powerful questions and discovery exercises designed to clarify the essence of you – your core values, your vision, what’s most important to you now and in the future.

You will then image your discoveries on a series of SoulCollage® cards that will be a constant source of powerful inspiration and serve as a foundation for manifesting your dreams into reality. As you move forward in the future, you will be able to continue your SoulVision process by creating new cards that will charge your passion to achieve your goals. We will end the day by doing small group readings with our new cards.

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in self discovery and self expression in a creative, non-competitive environment – for both new and experienced SoulCollagers. No artistic experience is necessary. You will come away with several inspiring SoulCollage® cards as well as a renewed drive to follow your dreams!

Cost: $75. Includes all supplies and beverages. Please bring a journal or notebook and a lunch.

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What is Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching?

 Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching (KMCC) is revolutionary coaching model that has supportedFlower   the successes of hundreds of individuals in the arts and all walks of life through the process of manifesting their creative dreams and joyfully embracing a creative lifestyle.

If you are..

  • stalled by fears, overwhelm, procrastination, self-sabotage and other blocks in the creative process…
  • wishing to overcome negative self-talk that hinders creative growth…
  • not sure where to start or how to focus on your creative dream…
  • immobilized by perfectionism, self-doubt and comparison to others…
  • navigating life stage and career transitions…
  • longing to discover and nurture your creative spark…
  • seeking support in accomplishing your creative goals…
  • wanting to achieve balance among the various areas of your life so there’s room for your creative dream…
  • motivated to take your creativity to the next level…
  • a creative person or artist of any kind…

….it’s time to fly with the wings you’ve always had!

As a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, I honor the unique needs of individuals who dream of unlocking their inner creativity and freeing themselves of the fears and blocks that stand between them and their authentic creative growth.

Using a non-linear approach that includes small steps, proven tools, intuitive support and inspirational experiences, I will show you how to break through the resistance, procrastination, creative blocks and fears commonly associated with the creative process.

I invite you…

  • on a compassionate, focused journey of creative life development that will nurture and energize your own magical evolution!
  • to gift yourself with the opportunity to reconnect with your playful inner child!
  • to invest in the joy of reawakening your creative Spirit!

I invite you to flight school for your dreams!

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Carla Kurt, M.S.

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach – SoulCollage® Facilitator – Artist – Educator

Ck I have always been a believer in big dreams, and my passion is working with people to help them find constructive and viable ways to create a vision and turn it into reality. By supporting each person’s self-discovery and unique individual empowerment, I encourage them to achieve success on their own terms – in a way that is in harmony with their personal values and genuine calling.

I have been an educator for 24 years and an artist since I was old enough to draw and make a colorful mess on whatever surface was near. My philosophy of education and life has always been to acknowledge, encourage and honor the creativity we all have within, and to bring that creativity in some way into the many facets of our lives.

As an artist, my truest joy comes from giving visual shape to the images in my mind’s eye, the emotions in my heart and the stirrings of my spirit. As a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and SoulCollage® Facilitator, I combine my love of creative expression and visual communication with enthusiasm and compassion to honor the unique beauty of each individual. My true desire is to nurture self-discovery and creative soul tending in a welcoming, safe environment.

Becoming a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and SoulCollage® Facilitator has been an integral part of my own personal journey to make the positive life-changes necessary to express myself more genuinely. By aligning what I do each day with my most important values – individuality, creativity, community, learning and sharing, I have planted the seeds to grow my own beautiful life-garden. My journey has been – and continues to be – full of wonder, and I take great joy in partnering with others as they embark on their own wonderful journeys.

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