Thursday Afternoon Play Date


I had some practical plans for this afternoon; paperwork and the like, but then I looked at my brand new, totally blank journal (a larger one this time – 9″ x 12″) and here I am… hands covered with paint and nothing practical accomplished.


But so what?  I have been feeling such unrest inside, a need to let things out, loosen up, play more.  This feeling has as much to do with my life as it has to do with my art…  an insistent nudge to get away from precision and just allow things to happen as they will.  Be freer, give myself permission to explore and enjoy.


Can you tell how much I’m pining for Spring?  To see fresh green shoots break through the tired remnants of snow… to hear the sounds of the creatures waking from their winter sleep… to watch the bluster of March clear the sand from the roads… to see the sun rise earlier in the morning and set later in the day… to wash clean to dreary dregs of winter. 


I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Happy Thursday!


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