Venturing Beyond


journal page – 1/30/08

Comfort zone
is a deceptively benign term. Although it can mean the place or state of being where one is at peace and happy, humming along at just the right speed, it can also mean a place where discomfort has become a familar, but safe feeling. How many of us stay in situations that seem comfortable, simply because we can easily predict what each day will bring? And how often is this comfortable place really a place of stagnation and resignation where complacency becomes the prevalent emotion? This complacency keeps people from moving forward and living more exciting lives, and even worse, can keep them in bad relationships, unfulfilling occupations, and unhealthy behaviors. Henry David Thoreau said that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,” and perhaps part of that comes from cowering unaware within one’s comfort zone.

On the flip side, what does it mean to step out of that familiar place and try something you’ve always wanted to do, but have avoided out of fear? At first it might feel very uncomfortable, because usually there’s some kind of risk involved, but so often the payoff is well worth the initial discomfort. The most recent topic at Inspire Me Thursday is Expand Your Comfort Zone, and for me, it calls to mind that heady cocktail of fear and anticipation that comes before embarking on any new, initially uncomfortable situation that stretches self-imposed boundaries. It makes me think of the times I’ve listened to my inner voice telling me that those scary steps will ultimately lead me to a better place, and I’ve had the courage to listen. And that’s the trick…tuning in to that voice and mustering up the courage to expand your comfort zone.

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